The process of settling an estate in Pennsylvania involves naming a personal representative, collecting estate assets, filing appropriate forms with the Register of Wills, notifying heirs, providing public notice, paying all debts and taxes, and distributing the remaining assets to heirs named in the will or under the laws of intestacy if there is no […]
Who doesn`t love receiving gifts? You may argue that it’s better to gift than to receive, but did you know that gifting assets to others can also be valuable for your estate planning needs? It’s important to understand what constitutes a gift, according to the IRS, and what that gift could cost you in taxes […]
You might be feeling left out after hearing radio commercials or seeing newspaper ads about living trusts. Or maybe your friends have set up a living trust, and you wonder if you should have one too. It’s important to realize that a living trust isn’t for everyone. Just like the title says, a revocable living […]
The global pandemic we’re facing has brought with it a struggling economy and job loss. Your financial situation may not be the same as it was six months ago. Although it might seem like the world is standing still, you and your financial situation do not have to be stagnant. Showing resilience in the face […]
Table of Contents In the US 29% of people 60 years old or older live alone 60% of the US adults don’t have estate planning documents When was the last time you updated your estate plan? Do you have long-term care insurance? Do you know how much you spend each year? When was the last […]
Digital Asset Management Within Estate Planning Adapting in the Age of Information Now and then, I’ll hear a fact or statistic that is bizarre or mind-boggling enough to completely shock my perspective towards the world we live in.  According to Harvard Magazine, humans produced more data between 2012-2014 than in ALL of human civilization up until […]
Inheriting an IRA or Roth from a spouse comes with its own set of rules and key deadlines. If you inherit an IRA or Roth from a spouse, you can combine that IRA or Roth with your own, or you can roll the IRA to an inherited IRA or disclaim the assets altogether. Roll into […]
Approaching your financial Planning like the owner of a successful NFL team January is NFL football playoff month. Being in Pittsburgh, I fully intended to spice this article up with mentions of names like Rooney, Roethlisberger, Brown, and Bell. But alas, as we enter Super Bowl week the Steeler’s are out, but my analogy below […]