Put simply, people work most of their lives to meet current expenses, obtain certain goals, and hopefully enjoy retirement. For some, retirement means kicking back more in their later years and spending time with loved ones. It may also look like helping children and grandchildren with educational endeavors or making sure loved ones are taken […]
The year has changed, and along with it, contribution limits to many tax-advantaged accounts. Each year the Treasury Department reviews the contribution limits in light of inflation data. As we all have read about or experienced as consumers, 2021 was a big year for inflation. Therefore, contribution limits for many tax-advantaged accounts have increased for […]
Though you may not remember as far back as the beginning of 2020, both the economy and investment markets were in cruising along like a family headed down the expressway to summer vacation at the beach.  And then suddenly…well, COVID struck.  The impact of the pandemic and the response by our government and others around […]
Q&A with AFG’s Investment Research Team Labor Day Weekend serves as an unofficial end of summer for many of us.  Students return to school, summer vacations are over, football season starts, and dusk comes noticeably earlier in the night.  Driven by this change, many people begin to plan for the year’s final quarter or even […]
When it comes to investing, the how depends on the why. Many people ask questions like “Is now a good time to invest?” or, in some form, “What is the best investment?” There is a saying that goes something like, “The best time to invest was 20 years ago. The second-best time is now.” As […]
The global pandemic we’re facing has brought with it a struggling economy and job loss. Your financial situation may not be the same as it was six months ago. Although it might seem like the world is standing still, you and your financial situation do not have to be stagnant. Showing resilience in the face […]
As college costs continue to rise, knowing how and where to save is a decision many families struggle to make. It is never too early or too late to start saving and knowing which education savings options are available can have a significant impact. Should we buy a beach house in Florida and retire early […]
Recently, Fidelity released results from its annual Millionaire Outlook Study. The 2019 Fidelity Millionaire Outlook Study surveyed over 2,000 investors, including 1,102 millionaires.1 Respondents were screened for a minimum level of investable assets, age, and income levels. Studies like this can provide us with a good idea of the actions, habits, and approach of those […]