Have you ever been discussing a purchase with your spouse or partner and suddenly found yourself feeling intensely angry, sad, or happy? Or does this conversation sound familiar? While on the surface, this is a fight about groceries, it’s really a clash of money scripts. Money scripts are deeply ingrained beliefs about money that stem […]
In this digital world where credit monitoring websites, credit card companies, and banks all offer free credit scores, you can receive your credit score with just a few clicks. Have you ever noticed your credit score may differ by source? The score you see on a credit monitoring website such as Credit Karma may differ […]
Is this your biggest income-earning year to date? Do you deserve to spend that big bonus as a down payment on a luxurious vehicle after all the long hours you put in to earn this higher income?   The answer is yes and no. We all want to treat ourselves, but where do we draw […]
Parents want what is best for their children, and watching them struggle financially is not easy. However, financially supporting your children for longer than initially anticipated could cause a delay in your retirement and, in some cases, create an unhealthy financial dependence. It is never too early to understand the impact that helping your adult […]
Whether you have accepted a position with a new company or decided to change career paths, a new job can bring about exciting changes in your life. After updating your LinkedIn profile, your new job will require several financial decisions. Should you move your 401K? Let’s look at the top four financial changes you will […]
The past few years have wreaked havoc on countless families’ lives. Not only has the world forever changed, but so have the lives of many. While health concerns have clearly been at the forefront of this change, it is no secret that financial impacts have widely contributed.  According to the 2021 Modern Wealth Survey, only […]
Conversations for Millennials quickly shifted from discussing Legally Blonde and Backstreet Boys to how to build wealth faster than Ricky Bobby (Okay, that may have been too many 2000s references in one sentence). All jokes aside, wealth accumulation at an early age can impact financial positions as we mature. Increasing wealth begins with work, and […]
Put simply, people work most of their lives to meet current expenses, obtain certain goals, and hopefully enjoy retirement. For some, retirement means kicking back more in their later years and spending time with loved ones. It may also look like helping children and grandchildren with educational endeavors or making sure loved ones are taken […]