Asset Management & Investment Research Group

Allegheny’s Asset Management, led by Chief Investment Officer, Jack D. Kraus, CFA, has been working with our advisors and their clients since 1989. Our investment policy favors a disciplined, team-based approach to establish and grow a diversified and secure portfolio. Our services are designed to protect and maximize your wealth through long-term performance and a high level of personalized service. Our personal financial advisors take the time to understand your individual needs. We then tailor each program around your goals, investment time frames and tolerance for risk. Our continual monitoring and evaluation ensure that your investments adapt appropriately as the market and your needs change.

Allegheny’s Investment Research Group has developed and maintains a comprehensive and proprietary investment research platform. This platform is the basis for an objective measure of professional money managers, portfolio modeling, market analysis, and investment management that is unmatched. Our team not only provides this research to our advisors in support of their clients, but also is retained by individuals, pension plans, and non-profit institutions.